White Lake Authorities, Michigan Drug Rehab Centers Warn Against New Deadly Opioid

A 19-year-old White Lake man with a known history of drug dependency recently died after using a synthetic opioid he purchased online from China. The drug, known as U-47700, is said to be up to eight times stronger than morphine and can lead to an overdose. Local authorities, health agencies, and Michigan drug rehab centers want nearby communities to understand the dangers surrounding the use of synthetic opioids purchased online.

If you or someone you know is abusing opioids, understand that you or your loved one may be at risk for an overdose, and that it’s not too late to get help. Call our 24/7 confidential helpline at 313-462-0826 to learn more about drug rehab centers in Michigan that can help you or your loved one overcome dependence.

Purchasing Deadly Opioids Online

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Powerful opioids such as U-47700 are being sold online.

According to White Lake Police Lt. Dan Keller, the young man had purchased drugs from a province in China using the “Dark Web” — an online community comprised of websites that offer illegal goods and services such as drugs and counterfeit money. All activity conducted on the Dark Web is hidden from a computer’s browser history, which makes it difficult for parents and loved ones of addicts to detect online drug purchases.

The 19-year-old overdose victim was recently found on the bathroom floor in his home one morning, at which point family members summoned emergency services. First responders tried reviving the young man before he was pronounced dead at Huron Valley Hospital.

White Lake Police Det. Edward McNulty said the packing slip included with the drugs indicated that China sent a USB drive, which was actually U-47700 in fine powder form. McNulty said synthetic opioids like U-47700 are made in labs throughout Asia, and powerful enough to cause an overdose after just one use. The police detective suggests that parents learn the signs of drug abuse and check their children’s text messages regularly to prevent them from accessing deadly opioids such as U-47700.

Treating Opioid Addiction at Rehab

Individuals who use heroin and other opioids are highly likely to form a dependency on these drugs due to the way they bind to opioid receptors and change brain chemistry. In many cases, opioid painkillers are gateway drugs to heroin and more powerful synthetic opioids such as U-47700 and carfentanil — an elephant tranquilizer. Even those who stick to using heroin could be sold a mixture of heroin and a deadly opioid like U-47700 and have no idea until they’ve overdosed.

Rehab centers that specialize in treating opioid addiction give patients access to medications that help them overcome their dependence on opioids. These medications, which are approved by the FDA and include methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone, mirror the effects of opioids without offering the same feelings of pain relief and euphoria. These medications are also effective at minimizing opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms so patients can focus less on physical discomfort, and more on overcoming dependence and addiction to opioids.

If you’re addicted to heroin, painkillers, or another substance, understand that you don’t have to overcome addiction by yourself without help. Call our confidential helpline at 313-462-0826 to learn more about Michigan drug rehab centers that can help you overcome opioid dependence. We’ll provide you with the resources you need to achieve lifelong sobriety, and to meet your biggest life’s goals on behalf of addiction treatment.

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